‚ÄčWhile I take various types of photos, documentary photography of people is the type of photography I prefer.

The purpose of my website is to show the results of photography projects and other select photos.

My last personal photography project was of the Veterans of Monument Terrace, it is an effort to bring awareness to their more than 16 year effort to recognize the service of veterans and to remind us that we have men and women in the military in conflict areas by meeting for an hour at Monument Terrace in Lynchburg, Virginia on Friday at noon.

The biggest photography project that have I worked on is Inside Endurance Sports Car Racing.  For this project I embedded within sports car teams at the Rolex24, 12 Hours of Sebring (twice), 25 Hours of Storming of Thunder Ridge, 13 Hour Charge of the Headlight Brigade (at VIR) and the Oak Tree Grand Prix (also at VIR).  I took photos of the mechanics, race engineers, team managers and drivers during practice, qualifying and race.  The cars, if they are in the photos, are usually only a back drop for the photos of the people.

The majority of the photos I take now are for non-profit organizations that I support, such as the United Way of Central Virginia and the Academy Center of the Arts.  But early this summer (2018) I plan to take photos for another personal project.